smells like happiness.

It’s like Christmas Eve

"Why is it like Christmas Eve?" you may ask. I will tell you. Tomorrow, I move back to school. It has been a dreadful 5.5 weeks since I have stepped foot in my glorious dorm room, and I could not be more ecstatic to head back. I am recovering from both the flu and an inner ear infection, have not packed a single thing, and I still feel more ready than ever. I became even more excited when my friend from school posted and article on her facebook wall title "15 Things College Friends Teach Us" by Brianna Wiest (here is the link: As a result, and in honor of my return to school tomorrow, I have been inspired to create my own list of why college friends are so fucking awesome.

1.  They close the gap between friends and family. You’re college friends ARE your family. Well you’re family away from home at least. You do everything with them. Eat, workout, study, party, etc. You are surrounded by this group of people almost non-stop. They see you in all different lights, and they still love you. It’s beautiful, really.

2. No matter how ratchet you get, they still got you. Cut open your head on the way home from the bar? You better believe you’ve got a homie putting Neosporin on that shit. Pass out behind a frat house? A-team to the rescue, holding your hair while you puke captain all over the front walk. And guess what? You’ll wake up the next morning with someone offering to bring you a gatorade and a bottle of aspirin. 

3. Everything good happens after 2am. I know that, if your a ‘How I Met Your Mother’ fan, this contradicts everything you’ve ever been taught. However, I have found that some of the greatest conversations happen after 2am. I have had some of my best talks after 2am. It’s past peak drunk hours, but still early enough that people are still out, and everyone has just enough in them to be more comfortable opening up. I think I have made some of my best friend in college after the hours of 2am. 

4. They’re not your high school friends. Don’t get me wrong, some of the greatest people I know I met in high school (shoutout, you know who you are). However, I also met some horrible people. In High School you make a drunken mistake and, despite the few exceptions, you’ve got people talking shit. You are constantly concerned about what this group of people thinks, or what that group of people thinks of you, and guess what? The moment you get that diploma, none of that shit matters. Because you get to go to a school that YOU pick. Your friends are made not off the basis of what classes you’re in, but by common interest. You get to hand select your own little family away from family. You choose these people that get to impact you, and you impact them, and you change each other’s lives, and its absolutely breathtaking to experience. 

5. They love you. They really do. You always have a shoulder to cry on, someone to pick up that phone at 2am, someone to binge drink wine with, someone to give you fashion advice, someone to take you to breakfast, someone to do yoga with, someone to watch movies with, and usually several people to do basically do any spontaneous and reckless thing you can think of with. 

So take a second, slow down, and look around. You’re making your best memories, you’re looking at the future godparents of your children, you’re surrounded by some of the greatest people you’ll ever know. Take pictures, take lots of pictures, because these people will one day be the stars of the stories you tell your kids, and these moments will be nothing more than beautiful memories.